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Dolly and Mark at Christmas

Dolly and Mark at Christmas

As cat lovers and owners of four cats ourselves, we realise how important they are to you and how much joy they bring. It’s important to look after cats well and understand their ways and we provide cat advice articles and a blog about cats, containing useful information to help you take care of your cat or kitten. We also run a cat shop so that you can buy exclusive products that have been tried and tested on our own cats, who all approve!

Sonya, Alfie and Leo  on the Stairs

Sonya, Alfie and Leo

Charities we support

Because we believe in giving back, 6% of our profits go to our favourite animal charities.

The Cat’s Protection League helps over 218,000 cats and kittens every year with their adoption, rehoming and neutering programmes in the UK.

Riverside Animal Centre located in Wallington, Surrey, rescues and treats hundreds of wildlife animals and birds as well as abandoned cats and dogs which they treat and re-home. Their work is fantastic and they also take on overload cases from the RSPCA.

Animals Asia is an incredible organisation who rescue Moon Bears (Asiatic Black Bears) in China and Vietnam from horrific bear bile farms. They rehabilitate the bears and look after them for the rest of their natural lives in their two sanctuaries. They also work to end and educate about animal cruelty across Asia.

Kitty Direct is run by Sonya and Mark

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