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All the cat advice that you need in one place. View our cat advice articles and visit our cat shop for gorgeous handmade to order cat and kitten safety collars to spoil your kitty. Click here for Kitty Direct discount codes. Read our cat collar buyer reviews.


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[/list_un][/span2][span3][vr][title_box title=”Popular info” custom_class=”info-title”][accordions] [accordion title=”who we are” visible=”yes”] Kitty Direct offer cat advice & a shop for all of your kitty’s needs. [/accordion] [accordion title=”cat advice”] As cat owners ourselves, we offer good advice on looking after your cat. [/accordion] [accordion title=”news & events”] We’ve just launched our new website! [/accordion][/accordions][/vr][/span3][span4][wrap][title_box title=”Recent Posts” custom_class=”fresh-title”][recent_posts num=”5″ post_format=”standard” meta=”false” thumb=”true”] [/wrap][/span4][span3][title_box title=”Quick message” custom_class=”massage-title”]


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