Our Kitties

All our kitties are rescue cats, with the exception of Dolly who was rehomed with us from a friend. As you will understand, we adore all of them and this page is an insight into them and some of the silly banter that happens in our home. We wouldn’t be without our beloved cats and our house is very much their house and we happen to live in it! We give our cats a variety of names. They each have a Spanish name, witches cat name, pub name, general nickname, military name and their former name prior to us adopting them. For pictures of our kitties, please view our cat gallery.

The King – Luca

Sadly Luca passed away in July 2016, but he is always part of our family.

Previously known as: Buster
Other names: Juan, The Colonel, Jamara, Reggie, King Cat
Age: 14
Breed: Moggy
Characteristics: Cool, calm, sophisticated, wise, loving
Hobbies: Sleeping and chasing squirrels
Employment: Professor (retired)
Favourite treats: Salmon, Steak, Cheddar Cheesies

The Prince – Leo

LeoSadly Leo passed away in April 2020, but he is always part of our family. You can read Leo’s tribute to his life here.

Previously known as: Corky
Other names: Paco, Private Corky, Pyewacket, Bert, Boyo
Age: 11
Breed: Moggy
Characteristics: Gregarious, vocal, fighter, loving, amusing
Hobbies: Eating and sleeping
Employment: Chief Patroller in the garden
Favourite treats: Prawns, Tuna, Steak

The Duke – Alfie

Previously known as: We don’t know – he was rescued from a street in Clapham.
Other names: Vinegar Tom, Ronnie, Mucker
Age: 6
Breed: Moggy
Characteristics: Street cat, fiery, independent, he goes for you, loving (he has his moments)
Hobbies: Eating and sleeping
Employment: Chief Lookout on our garden pergola
Favourite treats: Roast chicken, chips and prawns

The Princess – Dolly

Previously known as: Rio
Other names: Madge, Choochi, Bastet, Baby, Juanita
Age: 2
Breed: Half Rag Doll
Characteristics: Dainty, cool, independent, just like a woman, loving (on her terms!)
Hobbies: Being outside, looking at birds, climbing trees, watching snooker
Employment: She hasn’t got a job yet.
Favourite treats: Prawns, roast chicken

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