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How to Create a Cat Friendly Home

katniss_2Cats are very sensitive creatures as well as being territorial so it’s important to make them feel stress-free and happy in their own home. Here are some tips on how to create a cat-friendly home.

Create areas of privacy

Your household may have dogs, other cats and children which are noisy and stressful to cats. Cats love to be away from it all when it all gets too much for them. You can help by providing your cat with an area of privacy, such as their own bolt-hole room, a cardboard box, keep a wardrobe or cupboard door open so they can creep inside or provide an igloo they can hide away in.

Multi-cat household

If you have a multi-cat household the cats will have their own private area spots that they keep for themselves, so make sure there are spots that your cats can retreat to away from each other. You can observe where each of your cats hang out. One of our cats has one bed and one has the other. One likes to sleep downstairs in a box bed and they all spread out to their own private space. If you can, designate particular rooms for each cat, although usually they will find their own room and stick to it!

Sometimes if one cat ventures into another cat’s space, there may be a hiss or swipe. Some cats will share their space with another cat, you just need to observe what happens and accommodate your cats according to what privacy they need from each other.


Cat also like to be high up, so find an accessible high spot where your cat can escape to. For instance you can put an igloo or blanket on a shelf that your cat can get to or use a spare table. Our cat uses the top of our chest of drawers when she needs an escape so we have put a cushion and blanket there for her.


Your cat will need to have ready access to everything they need at all times such as water, food, their bed and their outdoor area. Don’t take away or move their food, water or bed because they will become stressed.  Cats like everything to stay and remain in the same place.