Handmade Asian Indian Style Sparkle Cat/Kitten Safety Collar. 2 Sizes, Charm, Removable Bell


Absolutely stunning and exclusive designer Asian inspired fabric safety collars. 6 colours, 2 sizes with removable bell and contoured breakaway safety clasp. Fantastic value at only £5.99.



Stunning and exclusive Asian inspired designer collars designed and handmade by us. These collars are available in two sizes – Small and Regular and come in 6 gorgeous colours – Green, Turquoise Blue and Gold, Blue and Silver, Hot Pink, Pale Pink and White.  These collars look beautiful on and catch and shimmer in the light. They feature matching and contrasting coloured safety breakaway clasps which are secure but will snap open if your kitty gets caught up on something and contrasting/matching colour glide adjusters. We make the collars from beautiful quality fabric which is half cotton and half velvet and features sparkle embroidered thread and sequins. The fabric is stitched onto durable matching/contrasting colour webbing material which is soft and comfortable to wear. The turquoise blue has light blue webbing, hot pink has hot pink webbing, light pink has light pink webbing, white has white webbing and green has navy webbing. There is also a cat size silver bell which is detachable if you don’t want to keep it on the collar and you can add your ID tags on the split ring. There is  a cute small silver star charm that won’t get caught in cracks and holes as your kitty explores.

This collar is tried and tested on our own cats for comfort and fit. The collars measure 1 cm wide and there are 2 adjustable sizes available. Small is 6″-9″ and Regular is 8″-12″. To measure for the collar, allow 1-2 fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck to allow for movement (if you have large fingers, 1 finger will do!)  Please note, we can make with different coloured buckle and glide, please email us if you would like a custom colour.  If you need a smaller kitten size, in-between or a larger size collar, please email us or put a note with your order. Buy with confidence as we offer a full refund. As each collar is handmade to order, we make your order within 1-2 working days. This cat collar is exclusively designed and made by us and you won’t find it anywhere else.

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Colour & Size

Green Small 6"-9", Green Reg 8"-12", Blue & Gold Small 6"-9", Blue & Gold Reg 8"-12", Blue & Silver Small 6"-9", Blue & Silver Reg 8"-12", Hot Pink Small 6"-9", Hot Pink Reg 8"-12", Pale Pink Small 6"-9", Pale Pink Reg 8"-12", White Small 6"-9", White Reg 8"-12"


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