Handmade Owl & Pussycat Cat/Kitten Safety Collar. 2 Sizes, Charm, Removable Bell


Gorgeous and exclusive handmade owl fabric kitten and safety collars with detachable bell, owl charm and contoured safety clasp. 2 sizes and handmade to order. Fantastic value at only £5.99!



Gorgeous Owl and Pussycat cat/kitten safety collars in two designs we hand-make to order and available in 2 sizes. Designed by us, they feature cute owl fabric stitched onto high quality matching Green or White webbing material that is soft, durable and comfortable. The collars have a matching Green or White colour contoured safety clasp that will break away if your kitty gets caught up and the adjusting glider also matches the fabric. They also feature a gorgeous silver owl charm.

The collars measure 1cm wide is available in 2 sizes. Small is 6″-9″ and Regular is 8″-12″. If you need a smaller kitten size or larger size collar, please email us. To measure for the collar, allow 1-2 fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck to allow for movement (if you have large fingers, 1 finger will do!) This cat collar is exclusive to us and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Buy with confidence as we offer a full refund. As each collar is handmade to order, we make your order within 1-2 working days.


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Green Small 6"-9", Green Regular 8"-12", White Small 6"-9", White Regular 8"-12"