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Why Does my Cat Chew Everything?

cat chewing

If your cat is chewing non-stop household items around the home – edges of tables, shoelaces, sofas, objects – why is your cat doing this?

Destructive chewing inedible objects is called `pica’.  There could be a number of reasons why your cat is chewing inedible objects including genetics, environmental triggers, stress, boredom or early weaning issues caused by diet. It is very dangerous if a cat ingests a non-edible object.

The first step is to take your cat to the vet to check whether there is a medical or behavioural issue that is causing your cat to chew.  If your cat is healthy and there is nothing wrong with it, there are a few things that you can do at home.

If it’s down to boredom, you can provide your cat with additional stimulation and enrichment to occupy him/her. Have regular play times with your cat – try three daily 10 minute session so that your cat can play and be mentally stimulated daily. Interactive toys such as rotating balls and mouse games are very engaging. Interactive feeders are also a great way to entertain your cat. You can buy one or how about making a really simple and effective one out of reused plastic containers and toilet rolls. See the video below:

Toys with catnip are a great way to entertain your cat, so make sure you have a few catnip toys around that are extra strength to last a while. Creating places that are high to sit and chill are a great way to occupy your cat. Your cat may like to sit looking out of the windows too. We don’t have window sills where our cat can look out, so we put high stools by the front and back windows so that our cats can spectate the garden and outdoor goings on!

If you cat still persists in chewing, it may be worth giving him/her something safe to chew on, so for instance a softened hide stick that is large and not small that you cat could swallow it. Soften in water  and keep an eye on your cat when they chew it. Remove any pieces that are small enough for your cat to swallow whole.