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Clarabel’s Epic Adventure

Clarabel in her new cat safety collar

We received a message from Caroline about her cat. Caroline has two cats, Clarabel and Zeus. Recently, Clarabel had escaped accidently and ended up on an epic adventure. Here’s what Caroline told us:

“I thought you might like to hear of Clarabel’s recent adventure…

We have recently moved to a new home and unfortunately Clara was spooked and escaped through the front door.

We searched daily for her, paid for an advertising campaign, called out the animal search team… all to no avail. As the weeks dragged on I began to doubt whether I would ever see my beautiful girl again. She is always good at removing her collars and we have lost lots in the past,so I was pretty certain that after being missing for 5 1/2 weeks, her collar would have been long gone.

Then on Saturday evening we got a call. After many false trails and sightings a  lady on the other end of the line told me she had my cat.  I was ready for yet another disappointment… there would be one similarity that this cat just didn’t have… ”How do you know it is my cat?” I asked.

”Well I’m speaking to you on the phone aren’t I?”

Then it began to dawn on me, this lady hadn’t seen any of the hundreds of posters or leaflets we had displayed around our locality. This lady had got my phone number from Clara herself, from her ID tag and to my absolute disbelief, she had managed to keep her collar on throughout her whole time spent travelling.

clarabel_5We went to pick her up, from a derelict farm building on top of a nearby hill and as you can imagine it has been a very emotional past few days. She has been given the all clear from our vet, who says she has managed to eat just enough to survive. We think she has been living in the fields upon the hill trying to catch her own food.

The lovely lady and her husband said they had heard her crying on Friday and then it was the Saturday when they managed to grab hold of her to read the details on her collar.

So Clarabel’s Kitty Direct collar saved the day! Without it, the couple may have assumed she was just a stray and we would never have seen our gorgeous girl again.

Thank you so much for the part you played in her return. If only that grubby collar could talk… I would imagine it has many a tale to tell… it has now been retired to Clara’s memory tin along with the little collars she had from you when she arrived as a kitten.”

clarabel_4We were absolutely thrilled to hear about Clarabel’s safe return to her home with Caroline and Zeus. The clever girl managed to keep her collar on throughout. We were also so impressed with her kitty instincts in catching her own food for so long. She certainly is a special kitty.

Lots of love to you all. xxx