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Spanish Cat Conchita’s Journey

conchita Rescue cat

We received a lovely email from Sarah telling us about her beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Conchita. Sarah has two of our cotton daisy collars for Conchita. Sarah says, “I just wanted to thank you for the two sweet collars (so beautifully wrapped and presented) and to send you a picture of little Conchi wearing the pink one. Also, to tell you the story of how she ended up wearing one …”

Sarah went on to write about Conchita’s amazing story and journey. “For a few years I have been supporting a small group of friends in Seville, Spain, who do an incredible job, with very limited funds, of rescuing, neutering, rehoming and providing veterinary treatment for many of the abandoned and homeless dogs and cats found on the streets of the city where there is a huge problem.

A few weeks ago, a little tortie cat was found, fighting for existence on the streets, with a litter of four kittens.  She was only about a year old, and this was her second litter – all the kittens from both litters had apparently been poisoned, as had she, but she survived. Her main problem, apart from lack of food and a mammary infection, was that she was tame and trusting, so had presumably once been owned by someone who then threw her out.  Generally the girls get the adult feral cats neutered, and if they can’t be rehomed, they return them to their colonies, where they survive quite well, as they’re used to living wild.

It was clear that this little one would not survive for long if she was returned to the streets, and once she’d been neutered and successfully treated for her infection, a huge appeal was circulated to try to find a home for her, with no success.  For some reason, tortoiseshell cats are not popular in Spain, and after many weeks of trying, it became clear that nobody wanted her.  My friend, who had been caring for her at her home, lives in a small flat, where she is already looking after two rescued dogs and two other cats.  She simply didn’t have the space or capacity for any more, and it was looking increasingly likely that the only option was to try to introduce her into an existing colony of feral cats, where her prospects for survival were slim. So, what was I supposed to do?  Four acres of land, a mile from the nearest road?

So, Conchita has now come to live with us, after all the necessary blood tests, rabies jabs, inoculations, microchipping, passport and travel arrangements had been completed – and I flew to Malaga on the 28th July, and brought her home the next day.

And yes, I know there are countless cats in the UK needing adoption, and have helped with that process many times over, as well as taking on a few personally.  This is a one-off, totally impractical act of heart-ruling-head, but I’m happy to be able to offer this one a chance of a nice life.”

Sarah sent us photos of Conchita: before she was rescued with her litter of kittens,  after she arrived in the UK and her cheeky nature started to emerge, and finally wearing her daisy collar which suits her beautifully! Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks to Sarah for sending Conchita’s story and thank goodness Sarah brought her home to give her a loving, forever home. You can donate to the charity that helped Conchita and many more street cats in Spain. Their Facebook page is here and you can donate via PayPal to email address: