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Millie and Her New Cotton Cat Collar

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing that our kitty customers and owners are pleased with our collars. It’s a real delight to get such nice feedback and makes our day! Nicola contacted us and said, “Hi, I am really pleased with this item, cat loves it. Thought I would send a pic of her in it. Thanks again.” Nicola had bought our popular cotton floral cat collar which is 100% cotton and lined with cotton interfacing. Nicola sent cute photos of Millie wearing the collar and also of her antics and Christmas costume! She has such an adorable face and gorgeous ears. Here’s what Nicola says about Millie.

Millie wearing her new collar
Millie wearing her new collar

About Millie:

Other names: Lil Pumpkin, Littl’un, Princess and Mammy’s Baby
Age: 3 1/2 (nearly 4)
Breed: Moggy
Employment: Fuss pot or food connoisseur as she will only eat top brand pate cat food or gourmet food. She also needs a kitty yoghurt every morning or will cry until she gets one.
Favourite treats: Tuna, cheese, Whiskers treats – cheese and chicken flavour

Nicola says, “Millie is 3 1/2 (4 in December) she’s a moggy. She’s still the size of a kitten and won’t get any bigger. She had two sisters and is the youngest. She had a hard start in life and nearly lost her as she was given away far to young (at three weeks old, breeders just wanted money and didn’t really care about her). She learnt to drink out of a glass rather than a bowl. She’s very spoilt and loved. She likes playing fetch with sticks and barking at birds (she thinks she’s a dog) she loves cuddles and kisses and is scared of leaving the garden. She’s shy but when she gets to know you very loyal. She also likes dressing up at Christmas.”

Here are some more photos of lovely Millie, she is a real little character! Thank you to Nicola, we hope to see you and Millie again soon. x

millie4 millie3 millie2 millie1